A more classical sort of dinner


Mix and match, take out, add in as you wish.


Carpaccio of swordfish lemon juice and truffle oil chives and cerfeuil


Stuffed saddle of lamb with spinach and garlic and saffron jus


Crispy gallette of potato and steamed carrots


Cheese and salad


Apple and pear baklava, with pistachio and pine nuts and home made vanilla ice cream, with orange and cardamom sauce.




Seared scallop salad with artichoke hearts and caramelized citrus sauce


Duck breast grilled with honey rosemary and sichuan peppercorn,


Mixed wild mushrooms, mangetous and mashed potato


Cheese salad


Frozen chocolate mousse with lemon flavoured almond brittle


Steamed shrimp and lemon grass cocktail served in glass on a bed of spicy mango salsa


Slow roasted lamb with chilli, apricot and madeira sauce garnished with coriander


Raspberry panna cotta served on a bed of white rose petals blueberry coulis, and cracked pepper tuiles



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