Buffet  for 50  June 2013 For Chateau Grand Cros



Roasted pepper and aubergine salad in cumin and coriander salsa


Grated courgettes and carrot salad with truffle oil, mint , chives, white balsamic vinegar and pine nuts


Boulgar wheat salad, lots of chopped parsley, chives, cucumber, finely chopped red peppers,


Plain tomato and basil salad with grapefruit olive oil and raspberry coulis vinegar


Big mixed green salad


Seared marinated tuna in poppy seeds and other tasty spices with mango and aubergine chutney


Fillet of salmon mi-cuit in dill, lemon juice, rose peppercorns and garlic


Curried chicken breast salad served on a bed of black thai rice (the yellow and black look fabulous together)


Cheese platter


Mixed fruit platter, bowls of berries , tarte tropizienne and cream


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