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What Tessa's Kitchen can Offer You

Once you have made contact with me and have given me an idea of the sort of lunch, dinner or event you would like. I will find out from you what your favourite foods are, what you most like to eat and if any of you or your guests have special dietry requirements.  You can tell me if you want a formal dinner with silver service, and a special four-five course menu.


When I have complied several choices of menus of varied ideas and prices, I will send them to you then when you have chosen your ideal meal, I will send you a quote.  Once you have decided we can go from there and discuss all the details, from what cutlery you would like to use to what type of wine you would like to drink.


With all the details in place Tessa's Kitchen will (for a meal up to 6 people):


  • do all the shopping and food preperation
  • arrive at your house in time to finish the food preperation
  • make sure wine and water are in fridge
  • make canopes and present them beautifully
  • lay the table
  • serve and clean up
  • leave your kitchen spick and span


For a meal of 8 or more Tessa's Kitchen will:


  • do all the above
  • plus bring in the right staff for your event


For a special occasion where you might want entertainment:


  • We can orgainise fireworks, musicians and magiciens etcetera


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Contact Tessa


email: tessa@tessaskitchen.com


mobile: +(33) 6 11 25 29 72